Eyes of Gaia represents keeping a watch on the Earth.

Gaia was the primal Greek goddess personifying the Earth,  the Greek version of  "Mother Nature"  and the South American  "Pachamama".

The Gaia Theory is the concept of a living Earth as a self organizing system where everything is interconnected.


The Earth and all life have intrinsic value. A river the right to flow freely,  a tree to stand without the need to provide us with food, wood, shade or oxygen and all life to be valued without humans declaring that all resources are for our use. This is an outdated method of thinking, clearly shown in this image.



We are all like a web and what we learn can ripple out through our friends and family. This site looks at what we can all do to respect and help support the Earth.

Through independent media and environmental education we can all understand our impact on our home.


This site will show what you can do to make the world a better place,  how you can support critical work around the world,  links where you can learn more and ethical shopping.

"I thought I would have a quick look at your website....thanks!...I have spent several hours reading and rereading it!!!!. The best environmental site I have ever seen"  R. Mansfield-Clark





Eyes of Gaia is coordinated by Nicola Peel who is a full time environmentalist and dedicated to environmental education and the balance and harmony of our planet.




After many years in the making I can finally announce that the full length documentary  "Blood of the Amazon"  is OUT NOW.

This shows the journey I took from the headwaters in Ecuador along the Amazon to Brazil investigating the effects of the oil industry on the environment and indigenous people who live there.

From the largest environmental lawsuit in the history of the world and the horrific contamination to a solution to the pollution they face and the exciting new Yasuni proposal. 

This is a film which gives a voice to the people and hope to the planet. 

For more information see sidebar Blood of the Amazon

Donations for the film can no longer be sent through paypal  (as I have discovered they are HSBC and do not wish to support main street banks). Please contact me for bank transfer details.


To see the 2 minute trailer...


Recent articles

Ecologist Article (Blood of the Amazon)

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Ecologist (How can one person make a difference)



4 minute film edited and produced by Nicola for The Amazon Defence Coalition.

 Frente de Defensa de la Amazonia are the Ecuadorian NGO who represent the 30,000 individuals affected by the Chevron Texaco case, offer legal advice and support in local communities and provide the School of Leadership to teach environmental and human rights.





4 years ago Nicola founded a project in Ecuador and brought together an amazing group of scientists to trial Mycoremediation. This is the use of fungus to break down pollutants, including hydrocarbons. This has huge potential in cleaning up the massive contamination left by the oil industry in the headwaters of the upper Amazon.

You can view her latest film on the subject  "Solution to the Pollution"  on line at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KO1WjFRL_XA

We have been getting some great results but much more work is needed.

Articles have been written about the project all over the world including a CNN/TIME video report.


For further information and if you would like the opportunity to assist with funding of the mycoremediation project please visit

Fantastic 25 minute introduction by Paul Stamets on How Mushrooms can Save the World


An incredible BBC short on Natures Secrets - The Cordyceps Fungus- This shows the intelligence of the humble mushroom



Every year Nicola fundraises and builds families currently drinking contaminated water in the Amazon rainwater systems.
For more information see the side bar Rainwater Catchment Systems.


Nicola has initiated a number of new projects around the world to clean up the environment by demonstrating how we can build structurally sound buildings using plastic bottles filled with rubbish. So far she has helped build school, health centres, environment centres and a restaurant (built from 3200 eco-bricks)

See Clean up the World  - Bottle Buildings in the sidebar.

An interview with Nicola about building with rubbish.



 The latest crazy proposal is to build 60 Giant Dams on the Amazon flooding out 20,000 indigenous people and destroying a large area of this vital ecosystem. 

For further information please see



Nicola has been the key note speaker at a number of events internationally about her work around the world inspiring change and initiating practical solutions. If you would like  her to speak at your event please contact


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