Rainwater Catchment Systems


After witnessing first hand the horrific pollution left behind by the oil industry and total disregard for the indigenous peoples health I really wanted to help.

I started off building really simple cheap rainwater systems thinking that anything is better than nothing. Over the years many people have kindly donated money to help build more systems and so they have become bigger and more effective.

Over 30,000 people have been affected in Northern Ecuador and they have not a drop of clean drinking water. They have no choice but to bathe and consume highly toxic water which is mixed with petroleum, heavy metals and radioactive substances.

They have always collected water from either the river or their wells so harvesting rainwater is a new idea to them. 

The groundwater has become so polluted that I see no other immediate solution but to build rainwater systems for the families most affected. 

We started by adding simple charcoal filters to help in the purification. Now we build large filters containing small stones, charcoal and sand and then continuing through another paper filter.

Sadly skin diseases are a common sight from bathing in toxic water and drinking and cooking causes a multitude of other illnesses.

Together we can make a difference. We are all working as volunteers on this project so that all funds can go directly towards helping more families.

If you would like the opportunity to help give a family clean drinking water you can donate on line or contact me at 


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