What is it?

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The advantages and disadvantages?

Well if we wish to carry on as normal then lets frack. Turning on our gas stove and heating is easy and what we are used to.
However if we wish to use gas then why not frack in our own back yards and take the risks associated. It is not really fair that other countries suffer contamination for our use.

However we can not stay in the Industrial Age for ever, a time must come for us to move into the Ecological Age where we work with the abundant natural energy all around us. It is inevitable we shall in the future so why not now?

Every TOP university on Earth agrees we have a problem with climate change, this is no longer debatable. The same company who told us Tobacco was good for us runs the campaign to tell us there is no such thing as climate change.

So the risks of fracking are as follows;

Potential contamination of water affects all life, human and wildlife

Contamination of air and the risk of sickness as seen in USA and Australia

Adding methane to the atmosphere increases global warming


Excess use of clean water

Property prices fall dramatically 

Villages suffer huge vehicles, noise and light disturbance 24/7

and the list goes on... Do your own research as there is now so much online regarding fracking....or as the industry now calls it...stimulating.

A great short video to watch
Opportunity or Danger
5 minute video

One thing is for sure....

Anti-fracking protest in Pittsburg, photo: Marcellus Protest/Creative Commons.

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